Contour Next Link2.4 – FAQ


How many test results can the meter keep?

The meter keeps 1,000-time test results. After that, the oldest one will disappear in sequence.


With full battery, how many times can we measure the blood glucose or shot a bolus?

Meter should be able to perform for 2 weeks at approximately 84 tests and 28-time bolus shot between full battery charges under typical operating conditions.  (Average in usual use at 25-degree room temperature)


For charging battery, can we connect Contour Next Link 2.4 directly to the battery charger?

Please use the accompanying USB extension cable to protect the meter from heat. You can use only power-supplying USB port or 5V battery charger with PSE mark for charging.


How can we see the previous test results?

The previous 1,000 test results are kept in memory.

  • Push the top Menu button long, to put the meter on.
  • You can see the results by pushing “Menu,” “Results,” “OK” and scrolling up and down.

Push the top button to return to the former screen.


How can we see the average blood glucose?

14-day average is the default, and it can be changed to 7-day, 30-day, or 90-day average in Meter Setup > Trends Range. You can also confirm auto-log on or off via “Meter Setup.”


<Auto-log: Off>

  1. Put the meter on by long-pushing the top Menu button.
  2. “Menu,” “Results,” “OK.”
  3. You can see all the results of past 14 days by scrolling down arrow.


<Auto-log: On>

  1. Put the meter on by long-pushing the top Menu button.
  2. “Menu,” “Results,” “OK.”
  3. You can see all the results of past 14 days by turns of Fast, Pre-diet, Post-diet, and All by scrolling down arrow.


How many minutes can we use Contour Next Link 2.4 to measure blood glucose after putting it on? After it times out, can we use the unused test sensor again?

You have 3 minutes to measure blood glucose after inserting a sensor. The meter will automatically time out after 3 minutes of inactivity. You can use the unused test sensor again, but you are recommended not to use it because a long-unpacked test sensor may have been deteriorated for proper measurement.


Can we delete each of the test results in memory?

No. They cannot be deleted.


Should we calibrate the meter by each lot of test sensors?

No. it is not necessary.


May we use other control solutions than Contour Next ones?

No. You should not use other control solutions than Contour Next ones. Please do not use other control solutions, because they may not derive accurate results.


When should we perform a control test? Is it essential?

It is not essential, but it is recommended in the following cases:

  • When you use the meter for the first time
  • When you open a new bottle of test sensors
  • When you think the meter may not be working properly
  • When you have unexpected test results repeatedly


How should we discard the used test sensors or lancets?

1. Please follow the instructions from clinics, your doctor or pharmacists.

2. Please follow the instructions written in the package insert or manual.

3. Please follow the guidance from your local town office.

- Please bring home the medical wastes from public space.

- Never discard medical wastes in a prohibited manner.

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